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tag: internet
Image to idea: "resource based economy software" Image to idea: "resource based economy software"

You enter your qualities and passions and the computer matches you with complementing people and a poll result indicating a certain demand.

posted by Wouter Drucker
date 11.oct.2012
status undone More info
Image to idea: "Wi-Fi Donation" Image to idea: "Wi-Fi Donation"

Wi-Fi Router that allows you to share 10% of your bandwidth. Create a wireless city without slowing down your connection. #ci

posted by Tiago Pereira
date 31.jan.2011
status undone
Image to idea: "Notebook 3G" Image to idea: "Notebook 3G"

Um notebook que aceita chip 3G, assim como o ipad, para conexão à internet.

posted by Guilherme Araujo
date 09.nov.2010
status undone
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